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Are you a submissive and want to appear in Kixxy's upcoming videos? Then there is good news! Kixxy is looking for new sub(s) who want to create content together. Use the form on this page to apply.

Only serious applications will be answered.

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First & Last name
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DD/MM/YYYY: Must be 21+
Must have at least solo-filming experience.
What are you willing to film?
* Pegging is a must
Introduce yourself properly:

Who are you?
What's your occupation?
Why would you like to film?
Why do you consider yourself to be suitable to film with Kixxy?

Be as comprehensive as possible.
Permission & Agreement
I am older than 21 years, and am willing to film content with Kixxy that will be owned and sold by Kixxy @thekixxy. Have a valid ID and ready to sign a release form).
I agree to the deposit:
Deposit is required. But will be paid back after completion of filming. This is to assure seriousness.